#VMThrowback: Samantha Hawkins, Class of 2010

Samantha Hawkins, Class of 2010

What is your name? Samantha Hawkins

What years were you at VMT? 2007-2010

Fine arts or communication area: Photojournalism

Who was your fine arts/communication teacher(s)? Mark Webber

1. Has your fine arts or communication area helped you as an adult? Please explain. It definitely has. Going through college and navigating my way through classes, I experienced situations of “writing”. Though photojournalism was not just “writing” but I was able to let my voice be heard through the column “Cinematic”. The photography portion of the class also helped me when I took a photography I course at TAMIU. I had an advantage that others did not have, which helped me along the way.

2. Did you pursue your fine art or communication area after high school? Please explain. I did not pursue a communication area after high school. I graduated in December with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Sociology. I may not have followed the journalism aspect, but I am currently working as a writing tutor at TAMIU’s Writing Center where I help students with their writing concerns. I believe photojournalism has really helped me with my temporary occupation because writing will always be a big part of anyone’s future career.

3. What have you gotten out of VMT? VMT has certainly instilled great values in my life. My past teachers at VMT have taught me to reach big and achieve my goals. The school, overall, saw the light in me and all students (current and alumni) and pushed us to become the best we can be. They left it up to us to continue the ride of education and achieve the ultimate goal of receiving a degree.

4. Were there any events during the time you were here that you enjoyed? Please describe. One of the events that was very dear to everyone was the Hispanic Festival. A lot of preparation went into planning for the event, but experiencing it was so much fun. Other events to include would be Mass Communication week in San Marcos, Recruitment Week, and Winter Ball.

5. What are your fondest memories of VMT? A lot of my fondest memories of high school in general are from VMT. Students would often refer to VMT as a relief and relaxation from their home campus. It is a place where students can be themselves and experience new things. Many of my fondest memories are located around St. Peter’s Plaza, Mr. Webber’s dark room and computer room, and the campus itself.

6. What do you miss most about VMT? I would have to say the downtown atmosphere. Riding the bus to VMT felt as if I was traveling to another town. Downtown Laredo gave VMT the feel that it deserved and represented the school down at its roots.