#VMThrowback: Amanda Lee Cruz-Lombraña, Class of 2008

Amanda Lee Cruz-Lombraña and Social Studies Instructor Matt Arambula.

Amanda Lee Cruz-Lombraña, Class of 2008

What is your name? Amanda Lee Cruz-Lombraña
What years were you at VMT? Aug. 2004- May 2008
Fine arts or communication area: Communication Arts #TeamPhotojournalism
Who was your fine arts/communication teacher(s)? Mr. Mark Webber (The Best!!)

  1. Has your fine arts or communication area helped you as an adult? Please explain. 
    1. Focusing in Communication Arts has allowed me to enhance my interpersonal communication skills in both a professional and personal environment.
    2. Communications has opened several opportunities from internships, to freelance work and employment.
    3. And more — the full list of benefits would go on…
  2. Did you pursue your fine art or communication area after high school? Please explain. 
    1. I received my associate’s degree in Fine Arts focused in communications from Laredo Community College (LCC) in 2011
    2. Received my Bachelors degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Spanish and Marketing University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) in 2013
    3. Received my Master of Arts degree in Communications focused in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) in 2014
  3. What have you gotten out of VMT? 
    1. The sense of unity and family; overall teamwork and teambuilding; the importance of overall education.
    2. VMT has always believed in the talents of each and every student. With such a heavy and positive influence at such a young age, in a not so opportunistic town, reminds you that with the right education, support, and attitude you are capable of accomplishing anything. VMT gave so many of us the confidence and can-do attitude needed to pursue higher education.
  4. Were there any events during the time you were here that you enjoyed? Please describe. 
    1. My favorite time of the year was our annual photography show; it allowed students to display their best photography (I still have some winning photos hung back in my childhood room).
    2. The Photojournalism annual Halloween Contest!
  5. Is there anything you’d like to add that we haven’t asked? 
    1. Mr. Webber, a professor with vast knowledge and a kind heart, never gave up on his students. His warmth and motivation allowed each of us to pursue our dreams no matter the obstacles and whether that was in communications or not. Mr. Webber and Mr. Arambula were the most dedicated professors and mentors during what may be the most critical time of any young adult.
    2. Senior awards were always fun: I received the “Best Hair” and “Most Opinionated” awards in May 2014.

Optional questions to answer:

  1. What are your fondest memories of VMT? 
    1. The immense amount of shows and events that not only highlighted student talent, but also encouraged student morale.
  2. What do you miss most about VMT? 
    1. The location, knowing you are given a sense of independence and responsibility at such a young age to get yourself to and from your home campus, is such an amazing feeling. A responsibility many non-VMT students are unable to experience.
    2. The Dark Room where student danced to “Develop-STOP-Mix” – Mr. Webber can explain more in detail. We used to have the best times listening to music, laughing and (literally) developing awesome work!