#VMThrowback: William Rodriguez, Class of 2015

What is your home school? J.W. Nixon High School.

What is your fine arts/communication area, and who is your teacher? Journalism/Mr. Webber

How does it feel to be in the last class to graduate from the downtown campus? It feels good knowing I’m the last class to graduate from the downtown campus, but it’s sad as well.

What is it you have enjoyed the most at VMT? Please explain. I have enjoyed the Hispanic festival the most.

What are your fondest memories of VMT? Please explain. My fondest memories of VMT are my first days at VMT as a freshman.

What was one of your biggest learning experiences? Why was that? My biggest learning experience was my freshman year when I had several project to do and certain expectations to meet.

Is there anything you’d like to add that we haven’t asked? I would just like to say that VMT has helped me so much and has taught me things I will never forget.