#VMThrowback: Marlene Sanchez, Class of 2018

What is your home school? J.W. Nixon

What is your fine arts/communication area and who is your teacher? Dance: Folklorico with Mrs. McKinnis

What are you looking forward to at the new campus? Please explain. I’m looking forward to a whole new experience in a completely different school because I’m having the opportunity of learning in someplace new.

Are there any events that you’ve enjoyed at VMT? Please explain. I enjoyed the Hispanic Festival because that was the very first time I performed in front of so many people and I absolutely loved it.

What is your favorite subject at VMT? Please explain. My favorite subject was Geography, mainly because every day was so fun and it was never boring.

What have you gotten out of VMT? As cheesy as it sounds, an experience.

What was one of your biggest learning experiences at VMT? Please explain. Performing. I was so scared at first, but now I love it so much.

What are your fondest memories of VMT? Please explain. Meeting very nice people who I can call my friends. They’re so amazing.