#VMThrowback : Cassandra Gonzalez, Class of 2018

What is your name? Cassandra Gonzalez

What is your home school? Nixon High School

What is your fine arts/communication areas and who are your fine arts/communication teacher(s)? Tapestry with Mrs. Ramirez.

What are you looking for to at the new campus? I think it will be amazing, though I will truly miss the old campus. It felt more at home and open here.

Are there any events that you’ve enjoyed at VMT? All of them from the Hispanic Festival.

What is your favorite subject at VMT? My fine art, of course. Tapestry has given me many opportunities to speak freely in my first year of high school. I will cherish them always.

What have you gotten out of VMT? A broad range of ways to look at thing due to the massive diversity VMT has to offer.

Is there anything you’d like to add that we haven’t asked? I see a better future for VMT in the many more years to come.