#VMThrowback : Amy Castillo, Class of 2018

What is your name? Amy Castillo

What is your home school? Martin High School

What is your fine arts/communication areas and who are your fine arts/communication teacher(s)? Photography/Journalism

What are you looking for to at the new campus? Well, first, good air conditioning and good desks because in some classes it is very hot and the tables are broken.

Are there any events that you’ve enjoyed at VMT? I really enjoyed the Hispanic festival because we all got to be with our friends and have fun

What is your favorite subject at VMT? World geography with Mrs. Martinez because I love the way she explains the work and it makes it easier to understand.

What have you gotten out of VMT? Mostly education but also a bit of fun while doing it.

What was one of your biggest learning experiences at VMT? I learned that I’m not alone in this world; every time there is a problem I know I can rely on other people to help out.

What are your fondest memories of VMT? One of my best memories here in VMT was when I first got here, I made a lot of friends and now we are almost never apart.