Let’s Talk Politics: Women’s Equality

Brianna Pineda, Staff Writer

In the beginning of our country, the thought of having a women in politics was a joke to all men because in their minds women could never do a man’s job. However, so many women have fought for our rights; from activist like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Victoria Woodhull. Fast forward from all protests, sentiments written, and women who dared to defy until they got what they wanted to 2019, where women like Juliana Stratton and Letitia James continue to fight for what they believe in and stand as great role models for the young women of our nation.

Unfortunately, not all countries allow women to assert themselves in politics like the United States. Places like Saudi Arabia and Vatican City still don’t allow women to vote. In Ecuador abortion is illegal, some parts of India exclude women from road safety rules, and there are so many other restrictions in several places of the world placed upon women. These places don’t allow women to have the minimum rights of a human being much less allow them to be involved in politics. Still, several brave women in these places participate in protests for their rights regardless of the penalties. 

While reading the previous paragraph you might be thinking that women in the U.S are very lucky to have all the liberties that we do, but while we are grateful for our freedom, we are still undermined and discouraged from pursuing what we want by not just men but by some women as well. Some women still believe that their only purpose is to be an obedient wife and a loving mother, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to just be a wife and mother, but understand that other women don’t have the same mind set. Other women want to work and get an education. As women and as people, we all have different things that we want to do that make us happy.

As for the men who undermine and underestimate women, they need to understand that we can do anything and everything just as good if not better. The undermining comments you make do hurt; you need to understand that what you say has an effect on people more than you think it does. Understand that we share the same desire and passion and that you have not one say in our decisions. But of course, there are some men who understand that we have the same aspirations and appreciation for the education and the line of work we want and to be happy.  

In the U.S., women have fought for their rights and after a series of years they, we received them. We received all of our well deserved rights with none of the respect, and in other countries women are still fighting for their rights and have yet to receive either or. Now, I refuse to believe we live in a society that is ignorant to the fact that we deserve to be treated as equals. With equal respect, integrity, and without any double standards. I want to believe we live in a society that understands that and doesn’t undermine us.

After all, as human beings, we owe it to ourselves and each other to treat everyone no matter what gender, race, or background with dignity and respect, but as always, you decide how you see it.