Spotlight: Legend Walter Mercado will be missed

Walter Mercado a well-known astrologist and loved by many Latinos passed away Saturday night at 87 years-old.

His honest and kind screen presence made him someone many aspired to become.

Mercado was known throughout Latin America for the melodrama of his daily horoscopes, delivered internationally by broadcast networks such as Univision.

Before becoming so well-known in the world of astrology, Mercado worked as an actor and dancer.

The way in which Mercado delivered his predictions was just as beloved by his fans as the messages themselves. He was a fan of grand colorful robes and outfits accented with gems and brooches that dazzled.

He impacted so many people with his kind words and although he never publicly came out as gay, he was seen as an icon for gays.

No one was seen with that much charisma and personality for astrology until him.

When I was younger I used to watch Mercado give his daily horoscope segments on Spanish language TV.

He made me fall in love with horoscopes and astrology.

Never will I forget his famous words “Above all, lots and lots of love,” after every segment he gave.