Thoughtful Thursday: Spirit Week

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday Columnist

Once again it’s that time of year; Martin vs Nixon. To provide a little backstory, this is the most important game of the season due to the great rivalry between Nixon and Martin high schools. They are both the oldest high schools in Laredo. 

The Nixon campus is decorated with green and gold streamers, posters, footballs, drawings and more. The halls are full of people hanging up decorations while others color and cut out footballs. Teachers play music as they trace, while students tape cut outs on the door. 

“Beat the Tigers,” “Can’t take the heat,” and “The hammer is ours,” can be seen in every hall.

Class consists of coloring footballs and cutting out mustangs while others paint or trace. Paint brushes, bottles of paint, sharpies, and green and yellow markers are sprawled upon the teacher’s desk. The question, “Does anyone have the tape?” can be heard from every classroom. People who are strangers to each other bond while hanging up yellow and green streamers. Snacks are shared in addition to the lovely moments where students get to know each other.

Students gather into groups to create their best mustang pride posters. Some trace silhouettes while others trace full blown mustangs that are beating the Martin tigers or “kitties.”

I always enjoy this time of year. I love to walk down the school halls to see what each academic department came up with this year. The math department seriously knows how to decorate for spirit week. They always provide the best photo backdrop. The English hall specializes in streamers while the science department shows off their best football décor. I live to explore the school’s decked out hallways to take some great shots of Nixon spirit week pride. I always enjoy admiring spirit week posters that are fantastic. A few of which make me wish that I could take them home. 

My spirit week attire consists of green and yellow. Whether it be a green blouse or my yellow converse, I love to dress up for my dear Nixon High School. 

The vibes at the campus are energetic. Students discuss their plans for the Friday pep rally and Martin vs Nixon football game at night while teachers call row. Others discuss their senior crowns and spirit week outfits. The teachers discuss about the décor and the highly anticipated game. 

Although it is my last year, spirit week was quite fast-paced and exciting like always.