Singing is my favorite thing to do

Jacqueline Mata, Staff Writer

Liking something is a very common thing in a person’s life. In my situation, I like to sing a lot, usually when I sing I sing really loud. Not a lot of people have heard me sing, but usually, when they get the chance to hear me they compliment me in it. For me, singing helps me show people the talent I got and it also helps me express how I feel.

Because of my shy personality, I became very reserved and I made myself not be able to show people how I sing. It has become a big problem over the years I’ve grown, but lately, I’ve been trying to confront that fear and show people how I sing. I have to admit that it has been hard to show people because it’s not likely for me to put myself out of my comfort zone.

I have to be very thankful for my friends and family for pushing me every day to sing and be a more opened person in everything I do. I usually take their advice and I practice singing when I get the chance, though sometimes there isn’t much time since I’m still shy but I always try my best to sing without caring about what other people think.

I remember one time I was with one of my friends, Abigail Garcia, and we started talking about me singing for her and everyone else someday. I kept telling her that it will happen someday just not soon, at that moment I wasn’t close to where I was in singing in front of people, and she told me something I will always remember. Abigail told me “Don’t let fear win over you. If you want to do something and if it feels right then do it.”

I always remember that day and what she told me because it helps me get out of my comfort zone. Because of that, I get to actually sing in front of people. It makes me happy and I couldn’t be more excited about doing something I always wanted to do. For me, singing is one of my favorite things to do out of all of the other things. And I know soon I will accomplish singing in front of everyone how I always imagined.