One year, four concerts

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Weezer summer concert in Austin, TX

Zoe Alvarez, Staff Writer

A new year brings us many new opportunities. For some, it’s to travel, try new things, discover themselves, and much more. For me, it’s the opportunity to go to concerts. A new year means new albums/music which means more artists going on tour and concerts to attend. This year gave me a wonderful selection of concerts. The feeling of before-concert excitement was back once again. 2018 gave me the chance to see Lorde, Depeche Mode, Weezer, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

A few months after Austin City Limits, my family and I had a spring break road trip to Route 66. As a sweet treat, we got tickets to see Lorde for her Melodrama North American Tour at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. (3-16-18) This concert was highly anticipated. Her first album, Pure Heroine, came out in 2013. I had been listening to her music for five years and knew all the lyrics to her songs. Melodrama, her second and most recent album, was a huge change to her style of music. Not to worry, her new music had hints of alternative, a splash of pop, and some amazing synth.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Lorde concert in Glendale, AZ

She truly changed the game with this album. Everything about the concert was exciting. The people in the audience were absolutely gorgeous. The fashion of the concertgoers was admirable. Everyone shared the same artsy alternative vibe.

The concert began and there Lorde was, surrounded by dancers standing in the neon blue lights. She began with “Sober”, the second track from her new album. Her vocals and overall sound were mind-blowing. The dancers and lights were remarkable. She did a couple of hits back to back and captured the audience’s attention with ease. Her songs from 2013 brought back so many memories and gave me chills.

She had a floating transparent glass cage filled with dancers. It was such a sight to see. She would constantly change outfits which were incredibly eye-catching and was always moving. The fans knew all the lyrics to the songs especially her song “Royals”. The arena was filled with the sound of everyone singing. Like every other concert, the lights were off and the flashlights on everyone’s phone illuminated the entire arena.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Lorde concert in Glendale, AZ

Her slow song that night was “Liability”. It was such a gift for the sense of hearing. Her hit song “Greenlight” was by far the most energetic and dynamic song. Everyone was jumping and singing along. The arena was filled with green lights and confetti. Everything from her setlist, to her fashion, to the dancers, to her voice, to the lights, and to the music was astounding. Lorde had truly put on a performance.

In May, we got the chance to catch Depeche Mode in San Antonio, TX at the AT&T Center. (5-27-18) it was such a great opportunity to see this iconic 80’s, worldwide band. My father has listened to this band since high school. It was surreal that we got to see them. Depeche Mode has a great sound. They can range from pop songs to alternative synthesis. It’s the kind of music you listen to with nice headphones or loudspeakers.

They began with hits they’ve had over the years and songs from their many albums. Their song “Cover me” from their most recent album Spirits, was extraordinary live. They had a huge astronaut on the screen while the song was playing.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Depeche Mode concert in San Antonio

It was overall an aesthetically pleasing performance. Dave Gahan, the lead singer had a powerful voice. It was resilient throughout the entire concert. They performed their song “Where’s the Revolution” with its call for change. This concert also had fantastic lights. I will never forget the glowing purple stage lights. The screen on stage was always full of vibrant colors and videos with strong messages. I enjoyed their sound live. Depeche Mode is definitely a band that does not disappoint. They showed up and put on a great performance for the crowd.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Depeche Mode concert in San Antonio

During the summer we were given the wonderful opportunity to do two concerts. We got to see Weezer in Austin, at the Austin360 Amphitheater in late June for their North American tour. (6-30-18). As a child, I would listen to Weezer whenever my parents would play them on the radio. Later on, sophomore year of high school, I started to get into their new music. Weezer can go from hard heavy rock to soft beach boy alternative. I absolutely love their soft beach boy alternative sound.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Weezer concert in Austin, TX

This concert was a surprise from my dad. Weezer had a great selection of opening bands. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the first opening act but we did see the second. The Wombats was the second band who opened up for Weezer. I only knew two songs from this band but I was incredibly excited to see them. They did amazing. I was blown away by this band’s songs. I instantly fell for the music especially their song “Jump into the fog”. After this concert I became so into this band and wish that I can see them in full concert. Anyways, back to Weezer. The lights suddenly shut off and the sun had set. Keep in mind this was an outdoor venue. Everyone screamed in excitement. It was almost a sold-out show which meant it was a huge crowd.

Weezer started the show off strong with hit after hit after hit. I believe they played six or seven songs back to back before they paused for a break. This band was so dynamic. The performance was so youthful and energetic. They played my favorite song “Island in the sun” except with this song Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer, ran towards the middle of the venue and performed the song acoustically. He was almost twenty to thirty feet away from us. It was such a beautiful performance and gave me so much nostalgia. Even a little bit of tears.

The show then continued with some more energetic songs. They even performed their rendition of Toto’s song “Africa”. It was perfect, the crowd was so into it. They played a couple of more songs and soon the concert was over. The finale was their song “Say it ain’t so”. The audience knew the song word for word. It was incredible to see how huge this band’s following was. This concert left us all with muffled ears and sore throats. I would definitely see Weezer again.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Weezer concert in Austin

To end the summer we went to see Thirty Seconds to Mars in Austin, TX at the Austin360 Amphitheater in July. (7-7-18) again this band had an excellent set of opening acts. They had three bands, we couldn’t make it to the first act but we did see the two others.

K.Flay was the second act. She did well and gave us her good sound. She played all her hits and did a spin on a few of her songs. I decided to go to the restroom before the crowds during her most famous song “High enough”. I wasn’t pleased to miss it but I did stand on the side to see it live for the remainder of the song.

The third band was Walk the Moon. Besides Twenty One Pilots, they are my absolute favorite band. I was so psyched to see them live. There was a never-ending excitement in my stomach. I had been listening to them since I was little and in 7th grade for their Talking is Hard album and in 10th grade when I fully immersed myself in their music. I knew all their songs by heart and enjoyed them so much.

They put on a great show. I couldn’t believe I was seeing Walk the Moon live and in person. They played all my favorite songs including “Lisa Baby” and “Different colors”. My ears were filled with the sound of alternative music like no other. It’s officially on my wish list to see them at a full concert.

The show began when the sun had fully set and the lights shut off. Thirty Seconds to Mars had a sleek stage set up with huge rectangular panels that would glow certain colors. It was so vibrant and neon I loved it. It would be a set up I will never forget. Jared Leto, the lead singer, stood there in a big shawl that almost looked like a dress and began singing. They played a couple of their older hits before moving onto the newer music.

Thirty Seconds to Mars concert in Austin, TX

In the past, their sound was mostly edgy rock alternative. Now they’ve evolved into a popish alternative. He was the entertaining star of the show. Every so often he’d twirl with his shawl, it looked so graceful. Everyone knew all the lyrics to their hit songs. Their song “Rescue me” was so good that after the concert it became my favorite song from them. During the song “The Kill (Bury Me)”, the audio from the lead singer’s mic went out. So to continue the show, the audience sang the song. The crowd’s lyrics were so distinct and clear.

During their song “Walk on water” they released bubble looking beach balls into the crowd. The lights, the bubble beach balls, and the hands in the air made such an incredible picture. With the exception of a few mishaps in the show, it was a great concert. I enjoyed myself well and of course had really muffled ears.

This year gave me the privilege to go to four concerts. I discovered new bands and music, heard new sounds, and made many memories. I look forward to what shows the rest of 2018 will give me.