My thoughts on DACA

Milton Hattem, Staff Writer

The DACA program should be revoked by legislation. It’s simply unconstitutional for the American government to spend time, money, and resources on the protection of non-citizens.

Of course, those under it currently shouldn’t be immediately given the boot from this country.  These people should be given a chance with the remaining time of their registration to gain citizenship. Instantly ditching them would simply be unethical.

The DACA program was designed to protect those where brought here as children to help them gain citizenship, but it costs a fortune to maintain them. The government spends $26 billion maintaining the Dreamers, and this is simply a pain on the everyday taxpayer.

This should be declared unconstitutional. Taxpayers’ money should be used for the good of the nation and its citizens.

What incentive would the Dreamers have to become actual citizens when they could just be renewing the DACA permit over and over?  There really isn’t much incentive for them to become citizens until the very last minute when they hit the age of 31.

Understandably, they were brought here as children and didn’t have much of a choice, but those under DACA who are now of working age have no excuse. DACA has been active for the last 5 years. Those at working age should have been working harder to become citizens.

We also shouldn’t be ready to immediately give them the boot if DACA does get revoked. It would simply be unethical: here one day but gone the next.

What time they have on their DACA protection should be used to prioritize citizenship. If they simply don’t want to then they have no place in the US because where there’s a will there’s a way.

So, we have to say no to the spending of resources on non-citizens simply because it’s “the right thing to do.” We need to concentrate on the well-being of the nation and can’t be spending money protecting those who remain here illegally while simultaneously getting certain benefits.