My pet puppy has helped me through rough times


This is Cali. She is a mini poodle.

Salma Silva , Staff Writer

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. It’s true. My dog has helped me through a lot this year. In the beginning of the year I was going through a really difficult time with myself. It was unexpected and I was emotionally hurting myself and others by my actions. I had begged my mom about wanting a puppy before but she never listened. She saw how I was struggling with myself at times and actually agreed to buy this puppy I had spotted on Facebook.

Cali and I are inseparable. We are always together eating or just taking a nap.”

I fell in love right that instant I saw her pictures online. We had to go across Nuevo Laredo to go pick her and it was a hassle since there was a lot of people in the down town area but once I got to hold her in my arms I instantly knew she was my whole world. Up to this day I still think the same about her. The first night we went shopping with her to go find a puppy bed, puppy food, whatever was many people had already fallen in love with her when they saw her in the little shopping cart. She was extremely small and I loved watching her tiny legs run across my kitchen floor.

The following day I had to go to school but I decided to skip it and spend all day with her. I had an instant grin on my face just being around her. She lit up the whole room, giving everyone kisses. My sisters agreed to the name Cali because I’ve always been in love with the state of California.

Cali and I are inseparable. We are always together eating or just taking a nap. Sometimes I will even take her with me on car rides just cruising around. There isn’t a time were she’s not following me. Even when I’m showering, she waits outside.

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Cali. As sad as it sounds, she has truly been there for me when no one else wasn’t. There were times where I would break down and she would just be there in a comforting way. She is my everything and I love her so much.