Makeup is an inspiration for people


Emily Jones has a medical condition but makeup inspires her to feel comfortable.

Marlene Garcia , Staff Writer

“Honestly, makeup is like gold dust, it’s my everything and I try not to let my medical condition overtake that passion I have for it, no matter how difficult it is,” Jones said.

Emily Jones is a strong women who has fought a lot. Jones uses a wheelchair as a result of Ehlers Danlos type 3, a connective tissue disorder that causes her to have multiple joint dislocations every day. Alongside her intestines do not function properly due to a trapped vagus nerve her stomach rejects everything she eats and as a result of she uses a feeding tube.

I feel happy, empowered, beautiful and confident.”

— Emily Jones

She says: “Living with my medical condition is a daily struggle and can be agonizing. I suffer from chronic pain so any movement is painful and difficult.”

Despite her illness and struggle she goes every single day, she has found the application of makeup to be fascinating, over her free time she been watching beauty vloggers and learned many skills.

‘I feel happy, empowered, beautiful and confident and even though the tube is there I feel amazing,’ she said. ‘I feel more like a happy, outgoing person than the shell of a girl I used to be: a quiet, very shy and near silent person. ‘I think this is because makeup has changed my outlook on myself and I now feel like the person I was always supposed to be.’

People like Emily find makeup a way to feel more comfortable with themselves.

Makeup for me is something I agree with. Makeup makes me inspired in different ways. For example, with all the different colors there are you can compare them to nature.

“Its just a wonderful thing to do!”