My experience in Chicago

Mauro Flores, Staff Writer

About three years ago my dad took me to Chicago, Illinois. My dad was born in Chicago. He thought it would be nice for us to visit his hometown.

We left Laredo on an early Friday morning. For the trip to Chicago we drove in a rental car.

We made several stops. Our first stop was in Dallas. Our second stop was in St. Louis, Missouri, where we stayed overnight. Then we arrived at Chicago the next night.

The first place we visited the next morning we arrived was the Millennium Park. It is full of color and beautiful architecture. I got the chance to ice skate. Then we went to go eat because after a long day, who isn’t hungry. We stayed for three days at my dad’s childhood home.

The next morning we went to go eat breakfast. After we went to Brookfield Zoo. Later that night my dad took us to the Chicago theatre. Although there was not a play the inside was still breathtaking. Later that afternoon we went to the Shedd Aquarium where we saw beautiful aquatic creatures from all around the world. Then we slept the whole night.

The next morning we left Chicago and came back home to Laredo.