My 2k17

Dafne Naranjo, Staff Writer

My 2017 mostly consists of my birthday/quinceañera, my best friends’ birthday, and the snow day we had here in Laredo.

For my birthday I went out with my family and friends, we didn’t do much just went out and had fun after all it was my birthday. My family was still making plans and trying to figure out what and how we were going to do everything for my fifteen.

I had two photoshoots for my quinceañera pictures, one with my dress on and the other with just my regular clothes on. For the first photoshoot, we had to go downtown and to Alexander to be able to get different lighting, it was a hectic day because the dress was really puffy and it was drizzling which then lead to raining. For the second photoshoot I went with my best friends’ family to Mirando City (which is like 30 minutes from here) it was really fun for me because it was something for my quinceañera. My quinceañera was the best day of my life if I could say that, I’ll admit that I wish it were somewhere bigger because it was really crowded and hot. Either way it was an amazing day with my family and friends, I had loads of fun because at some point, we went into the pool and it was just a great night.

For my best friend’s birthday we had a little hang out in her house wasn’t something big it was just something really small. Since we didn’t do much that day after my quinceañera, we went to watch a movie and we “celebrated” her birthday that day. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no Tale and gosh was it a great movie. We laughed so much to the point where we were crying and holding our stomachs because we couldn’t breathe. There was parts where we were like “oh okay, I don’t think we were supposed to know that” and others where we were like “oh God, Jack Sparrow can never not be drunk.” I think it was by far my favorite movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, I’ve seen all the movies but this one became my favorite out of all the others.

Wow after 13 years it finally snows in Laredo. It was like a miracle, as if God finally heard our wishes of it snowing in Laredo. I was asleep when it started snowing but in the morning, I saw the cold and wet substance we call snow everywhere. As soon as I got to school I walked inside the cafeteria because I was freezing, I ate then waited for my friends to get to school. Once all my friends got here we walked outside and there was students having a snowball fight so we decided to join. I honestly thought that they would have gotten mad at us but they didn’t, no one did. Teachers saw us and just laughed and took pictures of us having fun in the snow but never did they tell us to stop. We even created a little snowman; we did the best we could to try to make snow angels. For the first time in a long time we all had fun in snow, everyone was giddy and content with the snow, some of my friends weren’t at school but it was still a great day. It was sad when the snow started melting because we hadn’t seen snow in thirteen years and it was a really short amount of time were we got to play with the snow. I’m pretty sure that was the “best day” of everyone’s life, well at least for the kids and some teenagers it was.