Senior Year

Crystal Martinez, Staff Writer

As high school students, our main goal is to graduate. We all want to finish school and move on to other things. We want to leave school but what we don’t notice is that we are leaving the easy part behind. What is next is very different.

As a senior I, have learned so many things this past year. Senior year has been extremely fun. Football games, pep-rallies, homecoming, senior week, and prom were just a few great events from my senior year.

The next part is the most important day of our lives, which is graduation. It is something we all celebrate and are proud of. Despite all the difficult things that occurred during the last year of high school we can say that it paid off. All the stress with school work, essays, and scholarship deadlines was all worth it.

Yes, it is challenging but we’ll later notice how easy high school was. College is the next chapter for us and we all hope it’s a good one. High school was fun for me and I could say those were the best four years of my life. Those four years gave a lot, new friends, new teachers, and opportunities.