Moving away for college is not as easy as my family expected

Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer

So, I’m currently a senior in high school and one of my top priorities is hunting for colleges. Now I’ve been accepted to TAMIU, TAMUK, Texas State and UDLAP, a Mexican university. Now I’ve told my parents about all of my options, and as of now I’m aiming towards going to Puebla, Mexico. My mom is against it saying how it’s very far away, and she’s just being a mother. I want to major in U.S History with a teacher certificate and minor in journalism. UDLAP all of that and not only that, the campus extremely beautiful, and sitting at the heart of the beautiful city of Puebla. Now I’ve told my mom how protective the campus is but she still doesn’t get it. The university has been known for being one of the best in all of Mexico and I’m extremely lucky to have been accepted to attend such a well-known university.

Of course that’s part of adulthood; leaving the nest and go flying on your own.”

— Jesus Hernandez

I knew I wanted to go to college but I also wanted to study abroad, but not a part of those study abroad programs; I wanted to actually live in Mexico for four years. Now I’m not saying American universities are terrible but they’re not as diverse as some universities in other countries. The majority of students from UDLAP are foreigners, which means I will be interacting with other students who have different cultures which will benefit me as an upcoming teacher. Now I’ve always wanted to become a teacher probably since I was five years old. I always admired teachers for their hard work and dedication and I feel teachers don’t get much appreciation and recognition as they should have. But I want to become a fun teacher, a teacher my future students will enjoy talking to.

Money is not really a problem since it’s really inexpensive to attend the university. But College itself is such a difficult topic to talk about, It’s really about if you’re going to be able to take care of yourself. My mom keeps saying how I’m really irresponsible but I think she’s just scared to see “her little boy” grow up and leave her. Of course that’s part of adulthood; leaving the nest and go flying on your own. But transitioning from high school to college and being almost 2,000 miles apart is really scary. I know I’m going to do fine because I know what’s good and wrong, but I’ve always depended on my family. But wherever I go, I hope I get to adore and love the university.

While there’s only three months left of my senior year, I’m starting to get really stressed out about all of this going and not going situation. But I always hope for the good and I know everything will turn out great at the end. For now I just have to enjoy and keep working hard to end my senior year in an excitement and accomplished way. Go class of 2017!