2016 was difficult

Melissa Rendon, Staff Writer

The goals that I have set for myself this school year are, I want to try to be more positive than I usually am, towards sports, school work, homework, and myself. I want to learn about others, make a lot more friends. I want to open myself to my friends so they can get to know me as well.

I have practice every day of the week including Saturdays, then after practice I go see my grandparents because I usually don’t see during the week. My classes this semester were not that difficult but next semester I’m going to have a geometry class since I took algebra 1 in 8th grade. My friend that is taking geometry this semester said that it isn’t difficult, if anything its simple.

Recently, the album of songs that I have been listening to is “Illuminate” by Shawn Mendes. His songs are a mix of heartbroken or joyful. I don’t think his songs beat country music, country is my favorite music genre. My favorite country song is “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. I was introduced to this song by my aunt, she always listens to it in the car.

I’m proud of the work that I have done for journalism, I’ve done a variety of things like took photos for 3 events at my school, VMT, a school for fine arts and communication. I learned the basics of photo editing thanks to my teacher, along with video editing. I got to use a GoPro for the first time to record a Hispanic festival that took place at VMT. My friend and I edited the video and we put back round music to catch the viewer’s attention.

My favorite hobby to do during the summer is swimming, I love being in the water especially because it’s always hot where I live. Being lactose intolerant means that I can’t eat ice cream during the summer but that doesn’t stop me from eating flavored ice pops and drinking lemonade to cool off. I also call my friends to come to my house so we can have a major water balloon fight or wash my mom’s car since we have nothing to do inside.

I think 2016 was a difficult year, I dealt with my friends going to another school, learning to communicate with other people because it’s my first year in high school and things are very different from middle school, there are no little 6th or 7th graders running around, instead there are a bunch of upperclassmen. I dealt with different people other than my friends, my friends that I was always with. I made friends in basketball, and photo journalism, I’m thankful for them. I’m glad that its 2017 already.