Three different high schools in 4 years

Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer

Switching schools is quite often everywhere you go. Students switch either because their parents changed houses or they have to move because it’s required, and usually you make friends pretty fast so that you forget everything about your old school. Well that is not the case in high school. High school tends to be a little bit more challenging. Everyone now by then already has their group of friends and they’re not really as open to making new friends as in let’s say elementary or middle school. Now let’s say you were a new students at a high school but multiple times. But even scarier, you were new to a traditional public high school. That’s where I fit in.

I got different classes I would’ve never gotten at Harmony, yes I was new and didn’t really have any friends that year but I still felt happy.”

— Jesus Hernandez

I’ve been changing schools quite often that I’ve gotten used to it. But my scariest transition was moving from a charter school where my class was about 50 to high school class of 500. That was overwhelming and honestly quite terrifying. My freshman and sophomore year of high school I attended Harmony Science Academy and it’s a pretty small school but you literally know everyone and that was the best part of it. But ever since 8th grade I wanted to attend VMT, but my parents wouldn’t let me, until my junior year. Now I don’t live near an LISD school, so I had to live with my grandfather who lived Martin High School, and boy was that a change.

My first day at Martin was excitingly yet I was very nervous and scared, given by the fact that the school was enormous. I got lost within the first minute I got there. You had like 6 different buildings with different letter or room combinations; it was very confusing but for some reason I felt happy. I got classes I would’ve never gotten at Harmony; yes I was new and didn’t really have any friends that year but I still felt happy. I got to join new clubs and go on field trips, again things I wouldn’t be able to do at Harmony. But my high school dream came true when I found out I would be attending VMT.

VMT has to probably be the best high school in Laredo. VMT has very unique environment adding to the beautiful design campus that I tend to brag to my Harmony friends I attend VMT. Although VMT is another school with yet again new people, it reminded me of Harmony, not because of the class size but for some particular reason I felt safe and very relaxed being there.

By my end of junior year I wanted to come back to VMT; that wasn’t even a question needed to be asked. But my parents didn’t like the idea of me attending VMT or Martin. After some really hard battling I won, but my grandpa gotten sick and eventually I had to leave Martin. But not everything was done.

I started my senior year at Nixon High School, where again I had to make new friends but the best part of it was being able to still attend VMT. Nixon is huge, and yet again I had to learn the way around it but I wasn’t that surprised because I gotten used to the size at Martin. My first thought of Nixon was that it looked very modern and stylish, it looked more like a university. Surprisingly, I made friends pretty quick there and I learned to love it. I once again joined clubs and other activities it felt like I’ve always been there.

My senior year is ending, and with attending 3 different schools throughout my high years is bad in many ways but I actually learned to embrace it. I met so many people and got to feel the environment of those schools. But I did it to attend VMT and I don’t regret it.