Short lives and how we live them

Emilia Vela, Staff Writer

The simple and known saying “Life is short,” is something I believe now in my life more than ever. I was recently told a story by one of my family members who works in a hospital. She told me about a patient she had who had died earlier that morning from Pancreatic Cancer and how he lived for as long as he could for his family. The patient had a spouse and two kids who he didn’t want to leave behind unsupported, so the patient told the doctors to keep him alive until a certain date in order for the patient’s family to get his pension from retiring. He told the doctors to do that no matter how much pain he was in until that day and the doctors agreed. For months the patient suffered from the fatal cancer fighting for his life. The family soon decided to write a letter to the senator to see if they could get the money sooner so that they could put the patient out of his misery.

My family member told me that she and the rest of the staff watched the family and how much they were going through and how much they had to worry about. That she and the other nurses thought to themselves, “Look what they are going through while we run around worrying about what to buy our families and friends for Christmas.”  She told me how they realized that they had been taking granted of the life they were granted.  She told me that when her patient’s heart rate started to go down the family had received a phone call saying that the dying man was granted early pension and that he could finally go in peace. When asked if they wanted to put the patient on a machine the family just wanted his suffering to end and told them to let him go. That day the family sat together until he finally passed.

The point my family member had been trying to portray to me was that your loved ones are all you have in the end and to cherish them and never take them for granted, and that everything in our lives is a blessing because we could lose it all in a matter of seconds. She said that I could not have my loving parents, or my caring siblings, or my amazing friends. So I sit here writing this story in hopes that you will take the lesson to heart and thank god for everything you have in life.

Also to live your life to the fullest and to not let it pass by you. To make decisions now, in the moment and to not regret them. To live life doing the things you love with the people you love. But to not do anything dumb, to not do things that could hurt yourself or others.Cherish your life while you still have it. I like my choices, and I hope you like yours.