I wish I could return to moments from my past

Angie Bravo, Staff Writer

Typically I’ll try to analyze any type of situation that concerns me by thinking of how it could have gone differently. With this said, of course I would love to go back in time and revisit moments from my past-not to change them but to simply live them.

For example, I would love to revisit moments from when I was in elementary school. When I was in elementary school, I was always thinking about getting to middle school and high school. I recall wanting to grow up and enjoy the benefits of growing up, but it had never occurred to me that if I wanted to grow up, I would have also needed to deal with the downsides of being “grown up.” It wasn’t until I got to high school that I realized how good I had it back then. I wish I could have learned to appreciate everything in elementary school like P.E., the teachers, the assignments and the appraisal I used to get. Back then everything was so simple.

I’ve always been very smart and back then I remember hearing my superiors say to me how gifted I was academically. To be honest, I miss hearing all the appraisal. Nowadays it seems that people will just compare me those that are better.

To be perfectly honest, I miss my elementary school days so much because I failed to appreciate everything I had and how simple everything was. Back then I cared for only my grades and my family. I was always the teacher’s pet, I had a self-esteem so high it went through the roof and I didn’t care what anyone thought of me for how nerdy I was. Now, everything’s so different. People are very judgmental. Unfortunately now I have to think about the future and worry not just about my grades but my G.P.A., rank, peer pressure and personal issues as well. Elementary school was nowhere as stressful as life is now. The most I worried about back then was whether I was going to wear navy or khaki pants.

In the end, I know I can’t return to moments from my past, even though I would love to. All I can do now is learn from the past and move forward. I’ve learned to appreciate moments in my life a little more. Hopefully, I’ve encouraged you to appreciate those little moments in your life a little more as well.