Love yourself first

Lucero Rea, Staff Writer

We live in a world full of judgment, and that gets to some people. Not everyone has the confidence that is needed, but nothing is more beautiful than being confident.

Personally, I rather people think I’m “narcissistic” than someone whose self-confidence is not there.

Thinking you are not enough and not capable of doing certain things is something I feel contrite about even feeling.

Last year was a really tough year for me, but I don’t regret anything at all since all of that helped me become the person I am today.

I started “talking to myself” and acknowledging that I shouldn’t give myself such a low value. It might not be the same with everyone but in order to gain that confidence I changed the way I looked in a way, but just for my personal satisfaction. I used to have super long hair my 8th-grade year and the beginning of last year, so the second semester of freshman year I cut my hair. Cutting my hair honestly made me feel different in a good way and I was not trying to change the way I was at all. After so many years of having long hair I just simply got bored of it.

I honestly don’t know if it might be true or not but last year I used to have a bit of acne and I felt really stressed, according to some research I did on that, feeling stressed can cause acne. Basically, I was stressed because I felt so closed and not good about myself.

At the moment I’ve been feeling happy and so great about myself, no acne, no problems, surrounded by amazing friends and especially by one individual who makes me love and accept myself. I am simply grateful for who I am and how I am. Love yourself today, tomorrow and forever.