Last year for the 90s babies!

Delilah Gonzalez, Staff Writer

This year is the last 90s babies’ senior year! The last 90s babies are kids that were born in 1998 or 1999 and are graduating I`n 2017. And I’m a 90s baby. I’m ready for my last year in high school. Yes, there will be stressful moments, fun days, but overall unforgettable memories.

Firstly, senior year is the biggest year in high school. Seniors are the top dogs in school and set the example of the rest of the students.

There will be stressful days such as having to apply for scholarships before the deadline, finishing the essay and getting the letter of recommendation. Also, having to save up for the yearbook, and cap and gown for graduation and getting prepared to apply for college.

Not only will there be stressful moments, but there will be fun days too. In senior year we have the senior week when there’s five days of dressing up as your favorite super hero, zombie, or cowgirl or cowboy, and more. It really depends what the senior class chooses to dress up as.

Not only will there be stressful moments, but there will be fun days too.”

— Delilah Gonzalez

There’s homecoming. Usually the seniors have to vote for homecoming king and queen. So there’s always a pep rally to introduce you to the students running for homecoming. After the election the class sponsor announce the winners at the homecoming football game, who are crowned king and queen.

Then there’s prom, an event that every senior looks forward too. You see a lot of prom proposals during school. Balloons, flowers, and signs everywhere with the question, “Will you be my date to prom?” or something very similar. The ladies and gentlemen go out shopping for the perfect prom dress or tuxedo. And on prom night you get to have fun taking pictures and dancing with your best friends.

There are many more events hosted for the seniors. There will be stressful and fun moments but at the end it will all be worth it. Seniors should make this year their year and enjoy it at all times because once you have that cap and gown on and you’re on stage getting that diploma you’ll realize you had a great time and will miss high school.

I’ll make this year the best and enjoy every moment of it.