Thoughts about my freshman year

Kirsten Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Many people have their own opinions and experiences about freshman year. Most probably their experiences are different compared to mine because they probably went to upperclassmen parties, drank alcohol, or even did spectacular and out of the ordinary things.

On the other hand, I didn’t do any of those things because I was either scared of the consequences or just plain lazy like always. In high school it wasn’t just your classmates from your eighth-grade year there were people from different schools who were there too.

At the beginning, you’re clueless, confused, or just nervous because you’ve never seen them in your whole life. Then you start talking to them and slowly you become friends. What I noticed during my freshmen year was that I slowly stopped talking to most of the people I knew in middle school. It scared me because I’ve known them for so long and trusted them more than anyone, but then I realized that you meet new people and life goes on with or without them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that in high school you might lose touch with your old friends but it’s okay because there are new people. Even if you have one friend you can still have fun and make memories.

One thing I wish I would’ve done was to join a sport or something because my friends would go to their games out of town and I would see on Snapchat all the fun they had. I was kind of jealous of them but it was my fault that I didn’t join anything.

Another thing about high school was that I started concentrating and focusing on my grades. Usually, I’m not like that but for some reason, I wanted to have good grades like my sister. Maybe it was because my sister and I were in the same school, and she was in a higher grade than me. I guess I wanted to get better grades than her.

I also noticed that I was shy and didn’t participate in class. I usually participate but I guess it was because I had a class with upperclassmen so I thought that they might judge me. I was just overreacting because they were all cool and at one point in their life they were in my shoes. I also regret not going to my friend’s quinceañeras because I saw on Facebook all the things that happened and how much fun they had, and I just wished that I went.

If I can go back in time and tell myself all the things I should have done I would. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as time travel yet but if there was I would. Also, if I could go back in time I would tell myself not to worry about high school: it’s not as bad as I thought it was in the beginning. Day by day you get over your nervousness about high school and realize that it’s just like middle school but fewer classes. Freshmen year goes by so fast that you feel like the first day of school was yesterday.

I recommend to try new things in high school and just have fun because time goes by so fast. Also don’t be afraid on the first day of freshmen year and just come in as confident as possible because it’s not even scary. Don’t get intimidated by the upperclassmen because they’re not as scary as they seem and as you may think.