Don’t underestimate a female

Many times people underestimate girls and how much they can accomplish. For many years, it’s been a stereotype that is commonly used by both genders, especially males. This stereotype can lower a girl’s self-esteem in various ways.

Girls have been raised in a world where they are underestimated due to their gender. People have different opinions whether the comment “like a girl” is something to be offended by or not. When I see others saying “you throw like a girl,” it really makes me angry. It offends me because it simply is not right to offend a female because of their gender.

Multiple girls suddenly become insulted because you are practically limiting their abilities. In the video Always “#LikeAGirl” children and teenagers, both genders are asked the same question. Young girls responded differently than teenage girls.

This is because younger girls are grown into an environment where the people who surround them do not believe that they are capable of accomplishing as much as the male. I hate having to see little girls be put down by other boys just because of their gender.

I can say that why I was younger, I did not have a high self-esteem when it came to being faster or stronger than a boy. I could remember people always telling me that I could not do something simply just because I was a girl.

I personally believe that anyone could do anything if they put their mind to it, despite their gender. I strongly agree that females are as capable as males of being successful. It is an injustice for people to be coming up with stereotypes that can lower a high number of female’s self-esteem.

Now when people tell me I cannot achieve something just because I’m a girl, I try my best and prove them wrong. I’m older now and I do not let anyone tell me I cannot do something just because I’m a girl.

I personally really enjoy that now at days these stereotypes are slowly fading away. I really hope that someday, we girls will equally be thought of to be as successful as a male.