Music is my life

Karla Alvarez, Staff Writer

Music is the thing I love most in life. Why? Well, mainly because while I was going through a tough time or I simply had a bad day, I would put on my ear buds, shut my room door, and listen to my favorite bands. The lyrics to most of the songs I listened to really related to what I was feeling or what I was going through. It was as if the artist who wrote the song wrote it for me.

As well as the fact that some songs have a really good intro. No matter what instrument is playing in the song I would listen closely enough to enjoy the notes they were playing. I remember when my mother told me that when I was younger I would “write and sing songs”. “Write and sing songs” as in I would make up a song on my own and start singing it to my family.

Whenever I put on my ear buds and play a song I get a feeling in my body as if the music is running through my veins. I feel as if the music lives inside of me. I was not always a huge fan of music until I turned seven and my older brother decided to show me a bunch of different songs. I fell in love with most songs, other songs I didn’t really enjoy the tune of it. With the songs I fell in love with I would go to YouTube, search for them and listen to them. As you may know when you finish a video on YouTube it gives you suggestions on what to listen next. I would always look at the thumbnails of the video and listen to the one that caught my eye the most.

If I were to stumble upon a song that is unbelievably amazing, I would listen more to the band or artist who wrote the song. After I would listen to the artist or band I would listen to other bands or artists related to their genre. Eventually after three or four bands I started expanding my genre in music. I would go from heavy metal to indie pop, soul to punk, and pop to rock.

Not to forget, I am also very interested into orchestra. I mainly love listening to the instrumental of songs. I feel as if the instruments give the song more depth and meaning. I for one would love to go to an orchestra because to sit down with other people who also enjoy music the way I do is amazing. I as well would love to go to a concert for a band or artist I am very interested in, for the same reason I want to go to an orchestra. To me it wouldn’t which of my favorite bands I go see first. Just as long as I go see them preform live.

All in all, music has been a great impact in my life. No matter my mood there is always a song, artist, or band that relates to the mood I feel. I know and hope that music will not start to stay on the path that artists are only in the music industry for the money. I hope they are in the music industry because they love music and all they want to do is help it grow into something greater.

In the end, music will always be in my life. Hopefully, one day I will get the chance to work in the music industry. After all music is my life.