My weird hobby

Miguel Zamarripa, Staff Writer

Sometimes people have hobbies and they are the normal ones like sports or something indoors that you relax but, my hobby is nothing like that. Mine requires brain for it to work (my opinion).

Can you guess what it is…? Ok just give up you’re never going to guess. It’s memorizing movie scripts and acting them out. When I watch a movie it’s because I like the actresses that come out or actors how they act. When I love the movie I download the script in my phone and memorize the entire movie just for fun and act them out in front of people.

That hobby is the best because I get to read and understand what they are saying plus my personal favorite “I GET TO ACT!” acting is part of memorizing the script so you can say memorizing and acting is what I like.

People say that that’s not a hobby but, that’s their opinion. I say it is for the reason that I do it for fun and in my spare time. Sometimes people can’t believe that I like to memorize and act script, the reason to this is because they say I don’t have an acting face and don’t talk. That’s the trick. I love to act so much that I act shy in front of people but no, I’m not. When I come out in a play I let myself loose and forget about me and everyone, I get so much into character that I forget it’s me and there’s people watching.

Hobbies are hobbies and we all have different ones, some are weird, some are funny, but if you like it and enjoy it, it’s your hobby.