Three amazing days with Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan

Lizeth Gutierrez

I still remember this three days as if they were yesterday. I was so excited and nervous because we were the only middle school mariachi that would be able to work with the second best mariachi in this whole world named Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan.

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) had invited us and different high schools to participate in this event with the Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan members. In this event we would be able to work, learn, and get to know more about the members.

The first day we got there the mariachi from Tamiu had given us some passes that said our names in it, they also gave us this bag that had a notebook, pen, and a folder with the music that we would be working with for those three days, last but not least a shirt with the logo of Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan. From here they took us inside the auditorium and sit us down so we could wait for the other schools to come in an also wait for both mariachi’s to perform. While we waited for them to arrive the Mariachi International members gave us some instructions to where all of us were going after the presentation.

Each and every one of us would be in different sections. For example, guitars were going to be in a room with one of the guitar players from Mariachi Tecalitlan named Alejandro. The vihuelas would also be in another room with the vihuela player also from Mariachi Tecalitlan. As well the violin would be with in different rooms according if they are violin one, two, or three; also vocalists, harps, guitarrones, and trumpets would be in different rooms with the member that sings in the mariachi or plays one of those instruments.

After waiting a while the mariachi had finally arrived; everyone was excited to see them perform for the first time. When they started playing everyone was just shocked on how good they played and sang. They played the three songs we were going to be working with. The names of those three songs where Bonito Tecalitlan, Reloj, and their new song Mexico Voz Que Canta.

When Mariachi Tecalitlan finished playing everyone applauded and cheered for them. They had done a wonderful job. I mean what can we say they’re one of the best mariachis. From here the members of Mariachi International (Tamiu) got their section and gave us directions to where we were going to be in those three days. So I got there to the room I’m supposed to report and there were these high school girls and guys that I didn’t know. It was scary to be the only middle school girl and not knowing anyone.

We practiced for a little while with the guitarron player from Mariachi International. He also gave us some tips on how to answer our instructor and how he was going to name the chords. Finally our instructor Manuel had arrived. He introduced himself and talked to us about how long he has been playing his instrument. The first day was just introducing ourselves, or asking any questions we wanted to know. We also learned the song Reloj, which was pretty easy to play that everyone got it that same day.