A trip to New York City

The Magnet Tribune: Justyne Bernal
A beautiful view of a part of New York City from a restaurant.

Justyne Bernal, Staff Writer

Have you ever dreamed of going someplace far from home? I always did and my dream came true this past summer when I visited New York City. Growing up, I always looked at all these beautiful pictures of the city that people would upload. Finally, I was able to take and upload some of my own.

There are many places to go to in New York City from the best restaurants to memorials to gardens and so forth.

My personal favorite during my visit was the 9/11 memorial. I got very emotional being there and seeing the remains of this tragedy. I could not believe that I was standing underneath one of the twin towers that was brought down. I learned a lot, even though I was not able to go through the entire museum.

In addition, I enjoyed to the Statue of Liberty. It was an amazing experience having to get onto a ferry in order to get there. The view of the city from the island was a picture I will never be able to erase from my head.

Another view that I will forever be in love with was the one from the Empire State Building. Although I was afraid of going all the way to the top, I did it anyway. It was really worth all the mixed emotions I had going up the elevator.

As well, I was able to attend a very well-known street which is Broadway. This was amazing going to the place where every dancer, or actress dreams of going to. I was also able to see a show called “Wicked“ with flying monkeys and many talented people.

The Bowling Green garden was so beautiful and peaceful to visit as well. It had many plants and very calm people with the beautiful sound of the waterfall in the middle.

I had a perfect view of the busy streets from the restaurant I was eating. It was an image so beautiful I could not stop looking out the window.

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral church was huge, and I could not believe my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

I also got to experience many subway rides for the first time. As I got off from my first subway ride I caught a glimpse of The New York Times newspaper.

It was tiring having to walk everywhere we went but I enjoyed the smell of the city and the feeling of just being able to be there.