A random freshman’s daily routine

Daniel Flores, Staff Writer

Hello, today I’m going talk about daily things that I do or happen to me throughout the day. Now, my life isn’t a wild adventure of a freshman who becomes the “Hotshot.” No, no, no this is just a regular, though I don’t really consider myself, nerdish student’s life in his first year of High school.

So far it has been a normal year. Besides some mishaps, but I won’t talk about them. This year started off pretty solid, to be honest. I managed to get assigned cool teachers. As in regular teachers who aren’t extremely strict and care about their job.

Let me just describe myself. I’m part of the illuminati. I’m kidding. I’m a nerdish guy who enjoys wasting his afterschool time on video games. I know you may wonder. “What type of games? So we could play together…” Well, I currently am only playing computer games, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. These games are all mostly based around using teamwork and skill to win matches. I don’t know how I am able to act as a team member, but I suppose it’s just the feeling whenever your team pulls off an amazing strategy to win the match or round you feel, this sense of accomplishment in your team. That feeling of “Wow that was amazing.”

Enough games, let me keep on describing myself. I am a bit lazy but that doesn’t really affect me as much as you’d think. I can be funny sometimes, just don’t expect me to make you lose your laughing box. Some of my jokes aren’t really appealing to many people, but the friends I do have are pretty okay with them. So I can assume that they aren’t that bad. Well, that’s me in a nutshell.

Now, off to my daily routine. I take the bus, from my home school, to VMT. The bus ride is usually pretty calm, with my just listening to my music and sometimes chatting with my friends. I even play some Hearthstone with one of those friends. Then, when I do make it to VMT, I walk towards the cafeteria to get some breakfast. When I’m done with eating, I go back to “A” building so I can start my first block class, then second block, then lunch. Lunch is probably the best part of my routine. Partially because of the food, but mainly because I get to hang out with my friends. Nothing is taken serious at the tables we sit at. That is where the jokes come a’ brewin’. After we’re done “roasting” each other we walk towards where the buses park and we got on a bus…. Luckily we haven’t gotten in the wrong one so far. I suppose, it is just a matter of asking the driver to what school the bus is going to. But after a while you just stop asking and start assuming that, if there are certain people in a bus then it must be the right one.

Then, the rest of the day I’d say is pretty calm. Nothing too exciting but nothing too boring, it keeps my occupied is what I mean. The day goes by pretty fast, if I may add. After all is done, I either go walking home or wait for my mother to pick me up from school. A normal day in a freshman’s life.