I experienced many fun moments at Texas State


The students who went to Texas State show their interest in a speaker.

Mario Rodriguez, Staff Writer

October 20th was definitely a day to remember because R.T.V and Journalism got the chance to go see the Texas State campus. It was certainly a time to remember due to the fact that we got to see a choir preform that were state champions! We got to meet all sorts of people from different places that were all very nice and informational on the school and what they do.

Texas state let us meet some of the people that write the newspaper which was rather interesting because they do the same things that we do just with more advanced tings because they are at a higher level than I am. Meeting other people that like to write newspapers or like to take pictures is always a treat because if they share their work I might learn a thing or two about it.

After the tour and getting to speak to many different kinds of people I decided to actually try to go to Texas State because the environment and everything that it has is actually very impressive and it would be a privilege to go there after I graduate from high school. Texas State is going to be my goal and ill ensure I get to check it off my list of many goals that I set for myself.