My reaction to middle school was terrifying

Cielo Camacho , Staff Writer

My first day of middle school was terrifying because it was a new school and there a lot of new kids that I didn’t know and they came from different schools. I remember when I got school I was with my friends talking about the summer and eating breakfast.

When I got to class there was nobody only I and then some students came. I sat with some students that were in my elementary school and we were laughing but I met this girl named Karen and we became friends on that same day.

Sixth grade was hard but that year went fast but I didn’t say goodbye to my friends because I knew that I was going to be there with all my friends, but I was wrong.

Seventh grade was the worst for me because I moved to Laredo and went to a new school. The first day of 7th grade was horrible because we had to wear uniforms. My first class was outside and it was orchestra. I played the violin and I was a good player. I didn’t have any friends that year until the end of the school year. I never got picked on only in elementary.

I was the loner that had no friends in middle school. I would only eat with my cousin and her friends but then they never ate with me so I would never go to lunch and would be in my grandmothers office everyday but then I made friends at the end of the year.

The only friend that I would talk to was Ashley. I would laugh and talk with her and tell her everything. She was a great friend that year.

Eighth grade was the best year because I knew a lot of people now and I had classes with some of the same people from 7th grade and I had my cousin in all my classes expect my electives.

In the first class we had assigned seats. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t talk with the people at my table but then later I did and we got along.

All of my classes in 8th grade weren’t hard. The year went by and then STAAR was here. STAAR was hard. The next couple of days or week was boring. We didn’t to anything but when the STAAR results came I was scared but I passed all my tests and I was happy.

When the end of school came everyone was crying, mostly the girls. I said “my goodbyes to everyone,” and I was happy that school ended and summer was here.