Fall is here and winter is near

Aryanna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

I am excited because fall is here and that means we are close to winter, which means colder weather in our city. I enjoy cold weather way more than the heat. So much happens during the fall and winter that I absolutely love.

I enjoy cold weather because I love being able to wear winter clothes. Being able to wear hoodies, scarfs, and boots is absolutely the best thing! I love that even if it’s cold I get to feel warm with the clothes I wear.

Not only do we get to wear clothes to stay warm but we also get to drink warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate in the mornings. It honestly feels comforting because it feels perfect for the weather.

There are many holidays that take place during these seasons that gives us the opportunity to bond with our families. Two of the holidays would be Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. We get vacations from school for both of these holidays which I love because I get to rest from learning, waking up early, and even from stressing. Both of these holidays are fun because they help me create memories with my family and friends.

I love creating memories especially during winter. I love taking photos with my friends and family while we bond. Whether I’m be inside drinking some hot chocolate or outside at a bonfire I will always take time to make as many winter memories as possible.