Bullying has bad effects on people

Kirsten Gutierrez, staff writer

Bullying is something everyone deals with in their life time. Many times bullying leads to suicide just because people are jealous of you. I mean if you think about it why would they make fun of you because there bored. Really? If you’re thinking about it it’s kind of obvious why there making fun of you. Only because they can’t admit that you look really good today and that there jealous.

When I was in fifth grade I was bullied by the people I thought were my friends. I was bullied because I would wear baggy clothes because I didn’t really care how I dressed because its elementary school and I don’t go to school to impress people, I go to learn. I would tell my fake friends my secrets and they would tell other people and that’s how every rumor and every person would have the opportunity to make fun of me. Also in sixth grade there was this girl I thought was my friend but it turns out she wasn’t. I was talking while have fun with her friend and she got mad and the next class she was telling me that I was a loner and other hurtful things. I was sitting alone because my best friend had left home and I guess that’s why she took advantage and started saying hurtful things

I never told my mom because I never thought it was important for her to know, but it is important and if you’re dealing with it I suggest that you tell your parent or any adult. It is always good to tell someone because you may think that just ignoring it will stop but it won’t it will just get worse. Just tell someone it’s only for the best.

Many kids get bullied for the way they look, dress or act. Don’t let people tell you what to wear, how much makeup you should wear or even bring you down. Everyone is special in their own way and no one is perfect so they shouldn’t judge you. Go to school wearing as much makeup as you want, and wear whatever you want because not everybody are the same. Not everyone have interest in the same thing because we are different people and we love different things. If everyone liked the same thing and being the same person what’s the point of finding the right girl or boy. Right!

In conclusion I want everybody not to care what people say about you because you know that there just jealous about you. Wear what you want and put how much makeup you want because you’re different and being different is always better than being normal.