Reliving the past by playing a video game

Manuel Ruiz, Staff Writer

Not so long ago I decided to play a game which I haven’t touched for months ever since its release back in on November 8, 2012! So I decided to relive the past and play it since I wanted to release stress.

Animal Crossing was always been fun for me since I always had time for it when I was younger and is still is but due to having limited time I’m unable to play as much as I used to. Animal Crossing has this feature that mostly is really sad to see because once you save on a certain date and don’t play for a week your village or town is ruined.

Mostly this is one of the many reason I stopped playing because I didn’t want my village to have trash on the ground or having flowers dried up or being ruined. The worst part about it is when you have a great bond with a villager and don’t play for a week there’s a chance that the villager will move because either they don’t like the town because of the ruined flowers or trash on the ground. After that happens I mostly stopped playing the game.

But then I decided to play it once game after a year of not playing it since I wanted to release some stress from projects that were due on Monday. Playing it again felt nice and felt like I’m reliving older memories from the past. I enjoyed the old atmosphere I had felt before once and that’s what I enjoyed about Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing helped me by having a place to be taken to when I had a bad time or when I wanted time alone I had something to do. It help me truly to recover from moments that were horrible and helped me pick myself up. Mostly the cost of it helping me recover was mostly stop playing the game which is a shame but I know where to go to when I ever need a place to recover, and that’s what I enjoy about it.