Cigarroa High School earns 1st division UIL Marching Band Contest superior rating

Victoria Cardenas, Staff Writer

It’s my last year at Cigarroa High School in the marching band color guard. We have worked our butts off. We’ve been practicing since May and started in July with the whole band outside from 5 in the afternoon to 8 at night.

Every week day we are in the scorching hot sun practicing with sweat, sunburns, and tears. Learning our coordinates on the field trying desperately to make it to our spots in 16 counts while trying to look graceful or Jazz running across the field in 8 counts while doing routine and smiling all at the same time. It becomes more difficult when school starts. Practice in class time and after school then getting home, taking a shower, eating, doing your homework and going to sleep. The same routine for 3 months straight gets tiring, and at some point I start getting frustrated and angry because I don’t even have time for anything.

The band is my family. We help each other out with homework and argue whenever times get difficult but in the end it’s all worth the time and dedication the whole band worked so hard to get that 1 division in UIL. Cigarroa is usually the only school in UIL contest that gets a 2. That’s what we are known for; a 2 rating means your good but you weren’t good enough to get the 1. Now imagine feeling like that for 6 years straight until finally you get a 1. You feel confidence about how you did and you worked hard for months to look good. You sit in the bleachers waiting as they announce the results of all of the high schools of Laredo. Then finally they announce the results. “Cigarroa High School,” a long pause, “1”. The whole band jumps up with excitement and cheering and then we end up crying and hugging each other.

We had a lot of pressure to get the 1 rating because we haven’t gotten it in a while and we advanced. This year it was a state year which means we go to Area UIL and compete for another week and if we advance after that we go to state and compete against top bands of the state.

The journey to get the 1 rating was good enough for the band and for me. Even if we don’t advance to state I’m very proud of the band. We got a 1 and advanced to area so we broke the strike of getting straight 2 ratings. My senior year 2016 Cigarroa band got a 1 rating after 6 years and it feels amazing and when I leave they are going to keep getting that 1 because we are a family and I’ll never forget them.