I’ll soon get to meet my new grandchild

Mark Webber, Instructor

Mrs. Webber holds Benicio Cantu, who was a day or two old in this photo.
The Magnet Tribune Omar Cantu, courtesy photo
Mrs. Webber holds Benicio Cantu, who is a day or two old in this photo.

I recently became a grandfather again, and soon I’ll get to meet my new grandson.

His name is Benicio, who will probably end up being called Ben or Benny. We’ll see.

He’ll join the other grandchildren, who are 10, 9, and 2 years old, the children of the oldest daughter and her family.

He is the first child of the middle daughter and her husband, who live in Dallas. (The youngest daughter isn’t married and doesn’t have any children.)

Like any baby, when people see his photo they go “awwwww,” and say nice things about him.

I’ve not yet met him, but I’ll get to do so during the Thanksgiving holiday break when I’ll have time to travel up there.

Mrs. W, who likes to be called “Na-na,” is there helping to take care of Benicio.

I wonder what he’ll look like in a few years. Will he be tall and slender, or short and thin, or will he be husky? I wonder what he’ll be interested in, and whether he’ll be artistic or sports-minded. What will he be interested in when he gets older?

Like the other grandchildren, I look forward to seeing him grow up.