My unforgettable night

Crystal Martinez, Staff Writer

Everyone has that unforgettable night they will always remember. Mine was not too long ago, it was just last year when I turned fifteen. I had a great time with all of my closest friends and family. It was the best night I could ever have.

I remember my big, puffy, blue dress. My shiny high heels and my beautiful hair and make-up. Besides how I was I still remember the place and how I felt. I was so nervous but excited. The party place was so pretty from the inside and had a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The decorations were really nice and all very blue.

My favorite part would be when I had my first father-daughter dance with my father. We had a great time during the dance. Another favorite part would be dancing with my friends, because we all came together in one place and just had a lot of fun. Those are memories I will never forget.

My night consisted of colorful lights, music, dancing, food, family friends. There is no better way to describe the best night of my life. At the end my quienceañera was a success, fun and amazing and it was all because of my parents.