The start of a new school year

Delilah Gonzalez, Observations

Starting, as a junior isn’t that bad. It’s been around 4 weeks in school already and I like all my classes. I like all my teachers, too. I started my school year ready to learn. I have a good feeling that this school year is going to be awesome.

This year there’s only five blocks and they are like an hour and a half each class. They seem longer, but I actually like this new schedule. You don’t have to be class to class every 50 minutes. And the teachers have more time to teach their lesson.

There’s so much to do when you’re a junior. Having to attend many events to get community hours, making sure you have almost all your credits; if you have all your credits by when you’re a junior its even better because you can graduate as a junior. Isn’t that amazing?

Also you have to set your goals straight. My goals are simple. I want to pass to 12th grade and graduate from high school. I also want to attend college to study nursing and photography/journalism. I want to graduate from college and go to the best, University in Texas.

This year I want to join many clubs in school. I want to be more involved in school activities. Maybe I can join a sport. I wouldn’t mind what club or activity it is I would join. I know here at VMT I participate in many events. These past 2 years I took pictures at events I could attend. Now this year I’m ready for any event like the Hispanic festival, Constitution Day and more events.

I love school better when its winter. You enjoy a nice hot chocolate in the morning. And I’m in a great mood everyday. My favorite weather has always been winter. Since I was born in a cold weather month. And to top it off we have holidays when winter begins. We have Christmas and New Years. My favorite holidays. Yay!

I’m just glad that I started my junior year and I’m satisfied with my classes and teachers. I’m confident that this school year its going to be great.