Technology affects people

Miguel Zamarripa, Staff writer

Technology is affecting everyone including you. How? You may ask, well, by a person using their phone excessively it gets over heated that it starts to burn. Well, that heat that you feel is the radiation. Radiation is rays coming from inside your phone and getting into your body, which if it goes it will produce cancer and eventually it will affect you.

On the other hand, technology also affects everyone in many other ways. For example, when a person is driving and he/she turns you will at least see a person using their phone while driving. When a person uses their phone at the same time they are driving sooner or later they will have a fatal accident; that accident will affect everyone friends and families.

Kids are also affected by technology. Nowadays some kids want to be cool and will do whatever is necessary to be a cool kid. Sometime they are so desperate that they start posting things online that really insults other kids and those kids that get insulted are the ones who start getting bullied online. That’s when kids start trying to commit suicide because they are being bullied online where everybody will know. That really affects them so much.

It is fine to use technology once in a while, but be careful when you use it and how you use it.