Make your dream come true

Gilbert Rodriguez, Staff writer

I think to myself, will I be a game developer? It’s possible that I will be or not. But I always think positively to make me work hard for my dream, to push myself not to give up, that it’s possible I will be a game developer. Because that’s my dream to see my idea being published by companies and see people buying my game that I created.

There is nothing that will stop me from achieving my dream. The only thing that will stop me is myself. If I don’t give everything I got, I will not do anything to make that dream come true.

If you see yourself working the job you always wanted but you think that job will have to have great skilled people, you’re wrong.

People are not meant to be perfect at everything, rich or smart, it’s the people who work hard to achieve their goals. They are the ones who have happiness in their lives because they know that there nothing impossible for them to not achieve their dreams.

But that dream of yours won’t be easy to achieve. You will fall down many times again, again, and again but it does not mean you haven’t been getting close to your dream. Each time you fall down you take a step closer to your dream because when you make a mistake you know what to do right next time you do it.

Don’t give up. Dreams and goals are not easy to achieve. You will need help sometimes, so ask for help.

There are people who would like to help you out and a person to push you to keep doing your best, keep them close to you. Nothing is impossible to achieve your dreams. If you really want that dream to come true you will do anything to make it true. Always tell yourself that it’s possible seeing yourself in the dream you always wanted to do the things you love, the job you love, or anything that makes you happy it’s possible.