Final step before college

Jose Orozco, Staff Writer

High school is one of those important steps in life. The reason for this is because during the four years of high school, you’ll be challenged with many measures to see if you’re ready for college. One of the things I realized throughout high school is the fact that it’s different from middle school and it has helped me become responsible. This has been my experiences through high school from freshman year all the way to senior year.

Freshman year was one of the most challenging years of high school because I had to start all over again. I had to meet new people, new rules, new subjects and new standards. I remember when I first came into this magnet school, it was like a dream come true for me because ever since middle school I always wanted to attend the magnet school. My very first day was the best but also confusing because I wasn’t sure where my classes were. As freshman year went by, I started to get along with the new people around me.

Then came by sophomore year, by far the best year of high school. I participated in so many events not only in Martin but in VMT also. Hispanic Festival, Cultura’s Concert, UIL Academics District, and out-of-town games were part of my sophomore year. During the summer of this year, the band heard news about a new band director and assistance director replacing the previous ones. At first, people had mixed feelings about this, some liked the changes, and others didn’t. But in that year, we achieved what pervious classes couldn’t in the past, which was not only getting straight one’s in marching but achieving sweepstakes in concert season.

Junior year has got to be the worst year of high school. The reasons for hating junior year were the following: too many tests, the attitude of some seniors, and a lot of preparation for college. Some of the memories I had were the AP tests for certain subjects, a lot of essays to write, STAAR exam for US History and the way seniors gave attitude to our band directors. If I had a chance to go back to any year in high school and fix the problems, this would be the first one to come up in my mind.

Finally the last year of high school, senior year! Seniors say that it’s a year to fool around and celebrate but it’s not like that. It can get challenging and might stress you out but it’s worth it at the end when you get all those scholarships that you wanted or when you get accepted to that university or college you really wanted to get accepted at. This is the year that will test your maturity, your level of responsibility and your mental focus. There’s some fun in between like senior week, prom, senior field trips, etc. This year was my first and last year that I went for recruiting with the VMT Philharmonic Orchestra.

High school might seem like it’s the worst time in your life but in reality, the only one that can make high school either amazing or boring is you.