Spring Break is coming

William Rodriguez, Cinematic Columnist

I am excited because spring break is almost here and that also means that the weather will get less colder and more sunlight in Laredo. This year I plan to actually go to the beach with my family and friends for that one week of spring break. Most of the past spring breaks I have stayed here in Laredo, but now I would like to go on a vacation and enjoy that one week without school.

I have gone on many vacations throughout my life, and many of them have been in the summer. I haven’t really tried to go on vacation during spring break because I never get the time to book a hotel or reserve the dates for spring break to go. I am excited because I might go to South Padre Island this year either with my family or friends. It would be a great experience to go because I know it will be fun, and I also miss swimming so if there is a swimming pool at the hotel, then I will get to go swimming.

The reason I am also looking forward to spring break in March is because around that time the leaves start to change and the landscape starts to look different. I like to go outside during that time because it’s not so hot yet not so cold. The trees are also very nice and they look more green than in the winter. Flowers begin to bloom and its as if the whole change of season brings a whole new smile upon everyone’s lives.

Finally I’m also excited for March because I’m also into basketball and around that time the college basketball playoffs begin and the NCAA tournament begins. They call it “March Madness,”and its such an exciting month to see the best college teams go against each other to see who wins the National Championship.