You say Cheerios, I say Sheerios

Norma Garza

What have I been doing the past few years without knowing the luxury of listening to Ed Sheeran’s voice bursting out of my earphones? It has been about a month ago since I discovered this red haired angel a heavenly voice and magnificent song writing skills.

If you don’t know who Ed Sheeran is, he is a singer/songwriter from the Halifax, England. He began his music career by the age of four, when sang he in a choir and learned how to play the guitar. Before he became the big star he is today, he released several EPs. He even left his home to go to London for gigs at the age of fourteen. He got the attention of the rapper, Example, whom Sheeran opened up for in concert in 2010. Later in that year, he sailed across the ocean into the United States. His last EP was in January 2011, which hit number two in the ITunes charts and in the same month signed with Atlantic Records. He was even nominated for a Grammy and is up for one this year as well.

Since then, Ed Sheeran’s career skyrocketed even more and there is no saying when that rocket will come back down to Earth. He has co-written with One Direction and Taylor Swift. On his new album, X (pronounced as multiply), Pharrell Williams produced some of his songs. Through it all, he has remained the same kind and hardworking fellow from England.

I cannot describe the brilliance of his work. In his song “Wake Me Up”, rather than saying “I want to marry you”, he says “I could do without a tan, on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle.” The way he writes his songs is done in such a manner that it is genuine and celestial. He sings about things anyone and everyone can relate to from falling in love to being cheated on to losing a family member.

Some critics may say his music is too sappy and all that stuff. I disagree. His third single from X “Thinking Out Loud” got a lot of critic about how it is cheesy and isn’t as good as his earlier music. I think it is a song that may be construed as an “oversweet ballad”. Yes, it is filled with clichés but I know deep down inside every single one of us, we want our own little cliché. To love and be loved, right?

I did not hop on the bandwagon, if that’s what you’re thinking; I heard of Ed Sheeran before, about a year ago, I just never dug deeper into his music. That is until I came across him again by accident and I ended hearing his entire X album. I nearly died that day. The next day, the X album was on my IPod, playing on repeat.

I am absolutely in love with Ed Sheeran and I am truly excited as to what is next in store. I will forever be sherrio!