Sports before and after

Jazmin Campos, Staff Writer

I remember when I was in elementary; I was the coach’s favorite one. I would always be so energetic, full of great humor and ready to play any sport. When I was little, about 6 or 7 years old, I was in the second grade. Coach Pena was like my dad, great supporter in everything. Well, he got me to join track; I knew I was a fast runner but I didn’t think I was that fast. So, okay, try-outs took place a few kids were chosen to join the track team and of course I was one of them. I was the fastest girl in my school. I even beat the guy that was supposed to be the fastest.

In my first track meet I was really nervous my first time and I didn’t really know what to do. All 8 competitors were formed behind the white line to start the 50 yard race. As soon as I heard the gun I took off. I won first place. Track was my favorite sport back then. I even thought about going to the Olympics and compete. I would always win 1st place I just got one 2nd place which was in a relay race. In that race they gave me the nickname “Jazmin the Jet”. In the relay we have 4 runners from each school and you pass a baton. All racers had passed my team, and it was my turn to run. By seeing that we were behind I think that because of the passion I had for the sport all the adrenaline started to rush and as soon as I got the baton I ran my heart out. I passed all the runners except for one. It was the last runners turn I gave her the baton but she didn’t get to catch the other runner. Second place was still good. If I’m not mistaken I think that was when I was in fifth grade. It was my last year in elementary.

When I got to middle school in 6th grade you can’t join track I had to wait until my eighth grade year. In seventh grade I joined basketball, I was also good at that. Finally, I was an eighth grader but I didn’t feel like joining track anymore. My coaches talked me into joining it and giving it another try.

A week right before our track meet, we were practicing in a field and I was pushing myself so much because again I wanted to be the best and show that I still had the talent. Unfortunately, in that practice I fractured my leg. But, it was something that in days it could heal and I would be good for the meet. Then, something else more tragic happened. My family and I had a car accident. I fractured my waist and I wasn’t able to make any movement. I was devastated. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk again but within six months I was like new and ready to go! I never gave up in my therapies. I mean, yes! It did hurt a lot but I wasn’t going to quit again just like that.

Now, I’m a senior in high school and scared to play some sports, even though I played softball my freshmen and sophomore but it doesn’t involve that much running so it didn’t bother me. But like when I played soccer my waist would kill me. I would get an intense pain when I would run for a long time. Our practices were about three hours long and then soccer season is also in the winter so the cold weather would make it a lot worse for me. Now I’m just here watching all the girls being excited for their last soccer season before they graduate and well, I’m just happy for them. I’m happy because I haven’t given up, I do what I can and that is what matters. At the end who knows? Maybe someday I will be in the Olympics.