What’s so difficult about sports?

Kaylah Reyes, staff writer

Well, actually nothing makes it difficult.

It’s up to you to know whether it’s hard or not. You just have to set you heart and mind into what you’re doing.

Yes, the workouts might be hard but once you get the hang of them, there’s nothing that can stop you. Once you step onto the court, then that’s a whole different story. The bleachers get filled up, the crowds get wild and the game gets intense.

So in this case yes sports are difficult, because if you don’t get it right the first time it’s alright, but once you keeping on messing up in a row, you’ll get cut from playing. You can’t be afraid to fall and get up to try again. It’s all about hard work and dedication;’ you just have to be willing to make some time for your team and practices.