I find windmills fascinating


The Magnet Tribune: Mark Webber

This windmill is located at the newly opened rest stop south of Cotulla, on I-35.

Mark Webber, Journalism Instructor

I’ve always been fascinated with windmills. I don’t know why, but I love how they reach into the sky on their tall stands, reaching for whatever bits of wind will make their blades spin.

Perhaps it’s how they stand alone, against the elements – always there despite the rain, heat of summer, and cold of winter. It seems nothing is too tough for a windmill.

I love how they spin, maybe with a creaking noise to let you know they’re working. And when the wind shifts, the blades change their direction, to turn into the wind.

Why do we see them out in the middle of ranches? That’s because they are used by ranchers to pump water out of the ground for the cattle.

Hundreds of years ago in Europe, according to Wikipedia, blades were connected to a mill which would grind grain using wind power. That’s how windmills got their name.

Nowadays, many are used for practical purposes, such as pumping water out of the ground, while others are used as decorations, such as at the newly opened rest stop south of Cotulla on I-35.

What do you think of windmills?