Do movies teach you a lesson?

Miguel Zamarripa, staff writer

Movies are one of the things we all like to watch when we are bored. Sometimes people think they are a waste of time but deep inside a movie they teach you a positive lesson.

One good example of a positive movie would be ‘’Frozen.’’ That movie showed us how strong the sister/brother love is. It shows that love is very powerful no matter what; we will always love each other.

Sometimes some movies seem like they don’t teach you a lesson but you have to pay close attention to get the lesson. Example of one would be Annabelle, a scary movie that parents don’t let us go see but the lesson that it teaches you is never get something old because it might have a long history behind it that will follow you till the end.

Parents really think that movies are a waste of time but no, they are not. Go tell your parents the movies teach you a lesson.