Parents, be patient with teenagers

Susana Ginez

I admit that we teenagers don’t always say thank you to our parents for what they do for us. Our parents never expected us to say thank you for everything they did for us as babies, so we grow up just taking what they give us without really thinking much of it.

We teenagers will take whatever you give us without a word. Now just because we do that doesn’t mean we don’t really love you. It doesn’t mean we aren’t thankful. We are teenagers — we don’t know a lot about life. We don’t know how hard you have to work to give us a shelter or food. We don’t have the type of responsibilities that you as parents have.

As parents, it’s pretty much your job to take care of us and lead us on the right path. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible either. You should have known and thought of the responsibilities that would have had in having us. Even if you didn’t really chose to have a kid, there would have been many things you could have done to prevent it in the first place.

As a teenager all I’m asking for parents is to be patient with us. We are still in school; we don’t have much to offer. What most of us can do is to try our hardest in school and get into a great college, help around the house, and try to behave well. Now behaving well can be slightly hard because we are going to want more freedom than what you probably give us.

We are going to want to stay out late even later than usual. We are going to want to go everywhere with our friends, and we are going to want you to stop questioning us about everything. Many of us will rebel and just say horrible things, but we won’t truly mean what we say. We are just going to say things that make us think that are going to let you let us go.

So what I’m ending this blog with is just for our parents is just to hold on a little longer. Give us a chance to go through the things we need to go through and the things that have to happen to us in order for us to understand you. By then we will know everything that we have put you through and we will try to make it up to you in every possible way. We will try to make you as proud as we can for everything you’ve done and thank you for always being a great parent. But for now, as teenagers, all we can do is try and get to where you want us.